lessons from £22 per hour
                    lessons from £22 per hour
Here are just some of my Pupils celebrating passing their Driving Test.
Caroline from Castleton passed 1st time 
Kelly from Rochdale passed 1st time
Brent from Smithybridge passed 1st time
Lewis from Whitworth passed 1st Time
Sam from Littleborough passed 1st time
Jeanette from Castleton passed 1st time
Lealya from Whitworth passed 1st time
Ashley from Wardle passed 1st time
Keeley from Smithy Bridge passed 1st time
Chris from Smithy Bridge passed 1st time
Hayley from Littleborough passed 1st time
Claire from Rochdale passed 1st time
Camy from Smithy Bridge passed 1st time
Lisa from Castleton passed 1st time
Jason from Castleton passed first time
Zee from Castleton passed
Leeza from Rochdale passed
Sena from Rochdale passed
Lauren from Casleton passed
Nok from Whitworth passed
Sarah from Kirkholt passed
Ben from Littleborough passed
Sarah from Rochdale passed

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